Sports Travel Hawaii

Sports Travel Hawaii LLC. is an established full service travel agency run with extensive local knowledge. They have preferred rates with major airlines as well as over 20 hotels in Waikiki to suit your specific needs. They book and plan ground transportation and utilize contacts with businesses to offer activities (Luau, Pearl Harbor, Shows, Theme Parks, water activities, etc.) of your choosing for your team.

Boosters have an option and are highly encouraged to use Sports Travel Hawaii for the same great rates and convenience of traveling and staying with the team as well as experiencing the many activities on O’ahu with them.

Sports Travel Hawaii makes life simple and enjoyable for all of their group travelers.  Typically a coach or team parents takes on the role of travel agent for their group.  They spend countless hours of their own personal time calling multiple airlines, hotels, and rental car agencies in search of the best travel prices for their team/group.  What they don’t realize is that they could have saved lots of their precious time and energy by making one simple phone call.  That call is to Sports Travel Hawaii.

They have what it takes to save you money and get your team and Boosters to Hawaii for the Hoops in Hawaii Classics.  One stop shop, no headaches or wasted hours of trip prep time on your end.  They will take care of it all so that you can concentrate on just Coaching.

Here is a list of additional benefits that group travelers often enjoy:

  • Get rates that are lower than what is found on the internet
  • Have name changes made after ticketing
  • Receive reduced baggage fees
  • Get preferred seating assignments
  • Receive extended timelines for your group members to make their final payments
  • Get personal service that can address any changes that come up for your group


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Linelle Hanawahine, Sports Travel Hawaii LLC; Owner

(808) 395-9541